Player of the Week: September 23 – October 1

Forward, Angely Mercado

Forward, Angely Mercado


Player of the Week for September 23 – October 1 is Tigers forward, Angely Mercado. Mercado is from Takoma Park, MD right outside of the DC area. She studies nursing and dominates in soccer.


v PSU Hazleton G:5 A:2

v Christendom College G:2 *scored winning OT goal

v Hollins University G:4


Shelby Swann: “Tell me about your soccer career leading up to starting at Trinity?”

Angely Mercado: “I started out as a goalie in about the 3rd or 4th grade playing for the Takoma Park club team. I also for the College Park club team growing up. I played varsity all four years for Parkdale High School in Riverdale, MD which led to me getting a scholarship to play for the College of Southern Maryland where I played my freshman season.”

Shelby Swann: “So you are a sophomore on the field?”

Angely Mercado: “Yes, only two years of eligibility after this season.”

Shelby Swann: “Interesting. This week you are Trinity’s Player of the Week as well as D3 Independents Player of the Week for your outstanding performances in the past three games. What lead to these team victories and personal career accomplishments this week?”

Angely Mercado: “Teamwork! Without the team I wouldn’t be able to have the stats I have now.”

Shelby Swann: “You scored 6 goals in 1 game to earn your first D3 Independents Player of the Week and this week you scored 11 goals in 3 games to earn the same award. How do you manage to dominate in each game the way you do?”

Angely Mercado: “I just do my part for the team that’s how I’m able to perform. Of course, I practice every day and you know the skills come with the effort and practice. [Laughter]”

Shelby Swann: “When you aren’t passing three defenders and scoring on the opposing team’s goalie unassisted, you receive assists from your center-mid’s Jessica Alonso and Raissa Audrey Tseumie. How do they elevate your scoring game?”

Angely Mercado: “Perfect passes to my chest or feet! No matter where I am on the field they can get me the ball with their great skills. This is how we perform as a team.”

Shelby Swann: “I’m not sure if you know but you are nationally ranked #1/198 players by NCAA D3 for goals per game and points per game. You are also ranked #1/27 in shots on goal per game and #17/176 in assists per game. How does this make you feel to be one of the best forwards in D3 soccer?”

Angely Mercado: “To be honest I didn’t even know I was ranked so it comes as a surprise. It feels good, it’s great, but mostly surprising.”

Shelby Swann: “Well, it is well deserved. Do you think being a good scorer helps you be a better passer or being a good passer helps you be a better scorer?”

Angely Mercado: “Being a good scorer helps me be a better passer. I like to help my teammates shoot, but if we need a goal, I will go score.”

Shelby Swann: “All this with a broken hand and a cast that you often have to protect when falling. It clearly doesn’t affect your game but when does the cast come off?”

Angely Mercado: “[Laughter] I go to our team doctor October 9th to get some x-rays and to check if I need to keep the cast longer.”

Shelby Swann: The fans want to know something interesting about you. Give us the scoop!

Angely Mercado: “Um I don’t think I’m that interesting but something people may not know is that my dad is from the Dominican Republic and my mom is from Guatemala.”

Shelby Swann: “Alright. Thank you for your time. Keep up the good work!”

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Tigers Pick Up Road Win

Lead Scorer, Angely Mercado

Lead Scorer, Angely Mercado

The Trinity Washington University Tigers women’s soccer team put on a show Saturday afternoon as they outscored Hollins University 6-2 for their 5th win of the season.

Trinity’s first score of the event came from senior, Raissa Audrey Tseumie. She took an unassisted shot over the goalkeepers head from the top left corner 8 minutes into the game. Just 2 minutes later Hollins player, Mallory Jengo scored to tie to the game.

Before halftime Trinity managed to score 3 more goals taking a 3 point lead over Hollins. Angely Mercado scored in the 29th minute off an assist from Jessica Alonso who passed over the middle leading Mercado to a 1 v 1 with Hollins goalkeeper. Mercado scored again in the 37th minute assisted by Tseumie. To end the half Senior, Bruna Distino scored off a direct kick.

In the 71st minute Hollins only scoring player for the game Jengo scored again to open the 2nd half bringing the score to 4-2. Just 3 minutes later Trinity’s lead scorer, Mercado scored an unassisted goal after passing through three defenders of a fast break. Mercado closed the game in the 87th minute with her final goal assisted by Jessica Alonso.

Trinity outshot Hollins 20-10 for the game. Goalie, Vanessa Ramirez made 3 saves and earned her 3rd win for the season in goal.

The Tigers (5-3) play away Friday, October 6th against Salem International University (3-9) at 2 PM.

Follow Trinity Athletics on Twitter @TrinityDCTigers for game footage, photos, and updates.

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3 Game Win Streak with Win Against Crusaders

Center-Mid, Jessica Alonso

Center-Mid, Jessica Alonso

Quote from Captain, Jessica Alonso jokingly said “We like to make it a close game!”

The Trinity Tigers Soccer team were up 2-0 against the Christendom College Crusaders in the 1st half when they thought the game was secure. After Angely Mercado stole a pass from a defender and scored a goal and Jessica Alonso took a pass from Raissa Audrey Tseumie to shot and score from 26 yards the Tigers seemed to relax.

However, the Crusaders cut the led to 1 with a penalty kick by Anna Solitario. Martha Blank followed with a shot from inside 18 yards to tie the game and force the game into overtime.

The Tigers ended the game quickly, 1 minute and 6 second into overtime Jessica Alonso passed to Angely Mercado to close the game 3-2.

Another overtime win for the Tigers and a 3 game win streak. The Tigers are on the road this Saturday, September 30th to face Hollins University in VA at 2PM!!

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Tigers Breeze Past PSU Hazleton

Goalkeeper, Laura Lusuli

Goalkeeper, Laura Lusuli

The Tigers record is 3-3 after last night’s win over PSU Hazleton. The Tigers beat PSU 8-3.

Leading scorer, Angely Mercado scored 5 goals and had 2 assists. Most of her goals were breakaway goals from between 35 to 20 yards out. Mercado’s 4th goal was assisted by a punt from Tigers, goalkeeper Laura Lusuli where Mercado split 2 defenders to score. Goalkeeper, Laura Lusuli had an outstanding game only allowing 3 goals with 16 saves.

The Tigers did not let up in the second half increasing the lead from 1 goal to 5 goals. Dicilia Ramirez scored the last 2 goals of the game assisted by Angely Mercado.

The Tigers have turned a two game losing streak into a two game winning streak.

Come and Support your Trinity Tigers Wednesday, September 27, 2017 as they face Christendom College at 4:30 PM on the soccer field!! Follow Trinity Athletics on Twitter @TrinityDCTigers for game footage, photos, and updates.

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Player Highlights: Get To Know Your Freshman

Abigail Castro-Castillo

Abigail Castro-Castillo

Abigail Castro-Castillo | Freshman | Soccer | Nursing

Cat or Dog: Dog

Favorite Pastime: Play soccer because that’s usually the only free time I have.

Favorite Song Right Now: Carry On – Wayward Son

Place you’d like to travel most: Tennessee to the mountains to hike.

What do you want to do when you graduate? I’m thinking of being a surgical nurse. I’m not sure where yet.


Jayla Thomas-Brown

Jayla Thomas-Brown

Jayla Thomas-Brown | Freshman | Volleyball | Kinesiology

Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza

Favorite Show: Tyler Perry House of Pain

Favorite Pro Sports Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Three words to describe yourself: Funny, Outgoing and Lovable

Best advice you’ve ever gotten? Don’t give up on something you love!


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Player of the Week

Goalie, Vanessa Ramirez

Goalie, Vanessa Ramirez

After careful consideration sophomore, Vanessa Ramirez has been chosen as player of the week. Vanessa is majoring in Developmental Psychology and is Trinity soccer’s starting Goal Keeper.

Shelby Swann: “How long have you been playing soccer?”

Vanessa Ramirez: “Since I was 5 years old.”

Shelby Swann: “Wow! What inspires you to play soccer? Do you have family member who play?”

Vanessa Ramirez: “Yes, my whole family really. My dad and brother play in the same recreational league together.”

Shelby Swann: “We picked you as player of the week, how does that make you feel?”

Vanessa Ramirez: “I was excited! It’s never happened to me before. It made me feel proud of myself!”

Shelby Swann: “Good! You deserve it. You had two stand out performances in both our games so far. With our lost to Gallaudet University and our shut out win against Valley Forge University. What lead to those performances?”

Vanessa Ramirez: “I was really nervous at the Gallaudet game. I had never practiced at goalie before the season, but once the game begun I just focused in on the game and played well. In the Valley Forge game I developed more confidence in myself and the team knowing we could play better [than against Gallaudet].”

Shelby Swann: “You stopped 66% of Gallaudet’s goals from being scored. The game could have been a lot worse. How did you do it?”

Vanessa Ramirez: “I had to self-motivate and my team motivated me, that lead to my success.”

Shelby Swann: “A perfect game how would your stats and the team stats look?”

Vanessa Ramirez: “Close to how it [the stats] was against Valley Forge. The score and stats reflected teamwork.”

Shelby Swann: “Well you answer my next question of would the Valley Forge game count as a perfect game to you. So, you had 6 shots on goal and 6 saves, how did you make that happen?”

Vanessa Ramirez: “The shots were hard shots, but after putting Gallaudet behind I knew I had to step up in the next game. I knew I would continue to improve.”

Shelby Swann: “Vanessa is a good choice. She’s a hard worker and has a positive attitude.” This is a quote from Coach Olson. I told her your stats stood out to me for player of the week. What is your response to that?”

Vanessa Ramirez: “I have to thank her for that. Amy [Head Coach, Amy Olson] and Jason [Assistant Coach, Jason Gross] pushed me and helped my development at goalie.”

Shelby Swann: “She also mentioned you were injured? What happened and how long will you be out?”

Vanessa Ramirez: “I have a chip fracture in my finger from volleys at practice. I don’t think I’ll be out long. I’ll test it at practice and that will determine if I can compete.”

Shelby Swann: “Well good luck Vanessa and Congrats on making player of the week!”

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Tigers Shutout Patriots in 8-0 Win


Tigers Soccer 2017

The Patriots were no match for the Tigers September 8, 2017 in Phoenixville, PA. Angely Mercado started the game off strong recording a career and team high 4 goals. 3 of her 4 goals were fast break goals and one from 20 yards out! Dicilia Ramirez scored the 4th goal unassisted at 30:36 into the game. Brenda Alonso scored the 6th point off of a penalty kick against Patriot goal keeper Taniyah Faison. Gabriela Escobar scored the last two goals of the game at 53:57 and 60:40 assisted by Angely Mercado. Lastly, goal keeper Vanessa Ramirez had a perfect game with 6 saves.

The Tigers travel to Central Penn College (1-1) Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 5:00pm. Central Penn College lost to Valley Forge University September 4, 2017 4-0.

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Tigers Volleyball Off to a Slow Start

The Trinity Tigers lose second and third road games to Notre Dame of Maryland University Gators and PSU Abington Nittany Lions. The Tigers struggle to put points on the scoreboard and with receiving errors while the Gators continued to attack. The Gators were a more experienced team this early in the season already having two wins under their belt. The Tigers will face the Gators at home on October 28, 2017 at 2:00pm.

The Tigers had a much better game against the Nittany Lions though they could not come away with a win. Kenna Brooks recorded a season high 4 kills and Ramona Santana recorded a personal and team high 12 digs. See the Tigers face Washington Adventist University at their home-opener on September 12, 2017 at 7:00pm.

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Tigers Volleyball Fall in First Travel Game


Middle Blocker, Naysha Carrasquillo

Middle Blocker, Naysha Carrasquillo

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Trinity DC Tigers women’s volleyball team lost in 3 straight matches against the University of Valley Forge in their home opener on Friday, September 1.

Trinity was led by Naysha Carrasquillo with 4 kills, 1 ace and 3 digs followed by freshman, Tatiana Marroquin with 2 aces, 5 assists, and 3 digs.

The Tigers were not ready to compete with the Patriots so early in the season. Let’s hope for a different outcome on October 28th when the Tigers meet the Patriots at home.

The Tigers will continue their road journey facing the Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore, MD on September 6 at 7:00pm.


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Tigers Soccer Fall in Season Opener



Goalie, Vanessa Ramirez

Goalie, Vanessa Ramirez

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After last year’s victory in an overtime win 4-3 against Gallaudet University (DC) the Trinity DC Tigers women’s soccer team fell to Gallaudet University 8-0 in their home opener on Friday, September 1.

Jessica Alonso and Bruna Distino both had one shot on goal that could not make it pass Gallaudet’s goal keeper, Silvya Levesque.

Danielle Wheeler led Gallaudet with three goals followed by Sabrina Hernandez and Brittany Mallach with two goals each.

In goal for the Tigers, Vanessa Ramirez had sixteen saves, eight in the first half and eight in the second half.

The Tigers will be on the road for their next four game. Next up University of Valley Forge (PA) on September 8 at 4:00pm in Pennsylvania.

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