Player of the Week: September 23 – October 1

Forward, Angely Mercado

Forward, Angely Mercado


Player of the Week for September 23 – October 1 is Tigers forward, Angely Mercado. Mercado is from Takoma Park, MD right outside of the DC area. She studies nursing and dominates in soccer.


v PSU Hazleton G:5 A:2

v Christendom College G:2 *scored winning OT goal

v Hollins University G:4


Shelby Swann: “Tell me about your soccer career leading up to starting at Trinity?”

Angely Mercado: “I started out as a goalie in about the 3rd or 4th grade playing for the Takoma Park club team. I also for the College Park club team growing up. I played varsity all four years for Parkdale High School in Riverdale, MD which led to me getting a scholarship to play for the College of Southern Maryland where I played my freshman season.”

Shelby Swann: “So you are a sophomore on the field?”

Angely Mercado: “Yes, only two years of eligibility after this season.”

Shelby Swann: “Interesting. This week you are Trinity’s Player of the Week as well as D3 Independents Player of the Week for your outstanding performances in the past three games. What lead to these team victories and personal career accomplishments this week?”

Angely Mercado: “Teamwork! Without the team I wouldn’t be able to have the stats I have now.”

Shelby Swann: “You scored 6 goals in 1 game to earn your first D3 Independents Player of the Week and this week you scored 11 goals in 3 games to earn the same award. How do you manage to dominate in each game the way you do?”

Angely Mercado: “I just do my part for the team that’s how I’m able to perform. Of course, I practice every day and you know the skills come with the effort and practice. [Laughter]”

Shelby Swann: “When you aren’t passing three defenders and scoring on the opposing team’s goalie unassisted, you receive assists from your center-mid’s Jessica Alonso and Raissa Audrey Tseumie. How do they elevate your scoring game?”

Angely Mercado: “Perfect passes to my chest or feet! No matter where I am on the field they can get me the ball with their great skills. This is how we perform as a team.”

Shelby Swann: “I’m not sure if you know but you are nationally ranked #1/198 players by NCAA D3 for goals per game and points per game. You are also ranked #1/27 in shots on goal per game and #17/176 in assists per game. How does this make you feel to be one of the best forwards in D3 soccer?”

Angely Mercado: “To be honest I didn’t even know I was ranked so it comes as a surprise. It feels good, it’s great, but mostly surprising.”

Shelby Swann: “Well, it is well deserved. Do you think being a good scorer helps you be a better passer or being a good passer helps you be a better scorer?”

Angely Mercado: “Being a good scorer helps me be a better passer. I like to help my teammates shoot, but if we need a goal, I will go score.”

Shelby Swann: “All this with a broken hand and a cast that you often have to protect when falling. It clearly doesn’t affect your game but when does the cast come off?”

Angely Mercado: “[Laughter] I go to our team doctor October 9th to get some x-rays and to check if I need to keep the cast longer.”

Shelby Swann: The fans want to know something interesting about you. Give us the scoop!

Angely Mercado: “Um I don’t think I’m that interesting but something people may not know is that my dad is from the Dominican Republic and my mom is from Guatemala.”

Shelby Swann: “Alright. Thank you for your time. Keep up the good work!”

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