Spring Tennis

paw-bigIn Division III athletics multi-sport athletes seem to be the norm. You usually have crossover between volleyball and basketball, basketball and softball or soccer and tennis. During last week’s Tennis match against Bowie State University (1-3) two of our underclassmen basketball players competed in their first tennis matches ever and won! Both guards, Amaya Webb and Najiyah VonHendricks won their doubles match as a team and Amaya Webb won her single match.

Though the Tigers lost the match (2-7) overall these are the first two wins for the season. The Tigers have a long season ahead of them and we expect many wins from our veteran players.

Today, March 22, 2018 tennis match against Bryn Athyn has been canceled!

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Tigers Softball

DSC_0009Trinity softball is off to a slow start this season but so is the spring weather. The Tigers are 0-4 for the season so far after facing Cairn University (6-2) and PSU Mont Alto (2-0). With possible weather cancellations March 23rd and March 24th games may be rescheduled until later in the season.

Competition has been tough for the Tigers. All four games have ended by way of mercy rule; therefore, player stats have suffered as well. Most of the players average only 2 at bats during a game while their competitors average 4 at bats. On defensive end the Tigers have a few promising infielders; SS, Amaya Webb, 3B, Ramona Santana and 1B/P, Alyssa King who turn the most plays. There’s also Catcher, Airiona Mann who does well controlling the game from behind the plate.

The Tigers will need to tighten up their game during this extended practice time caused by the weather to compete well during the rest of their season.

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Player Highlight: Webb #13

Guard, Amaya Webb

Guard, Amaya Webb

Name: Amaya Webb

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided for now but I’m thinking of going into journalism with a minor in business

Hometown: Baltimore

Favorite basketball move: Finger Roll

Sour or Sweet: Sour

Water or Gatorade: Gatorade

Would you rather win a championship or win an MVP trophy: Another championship, I actually won a high school state championship!

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Time for Redemption

Tigers v CCNY

Tigers v CCNY

After a strong 3-0 start the Tigers struggle to come up with a win as they lose four games in a row. The last two wins for the Tigers were Central Penn 52-28 and a close game against PSU Mont Alto 59-56.

The Tigers losses statistically have been a result of a low shooting percentage and higher than normal turnover rate. I was able to bring in Senior Guard, Kiana Graves to share some insight on what she thought contributed to the changes in the Tigers game and how they planned to improve.

I started by asking Kiana, “What has been the difference in the first three games and the last four games?” She stated, “The difference has been stamina with our small roster and I think we dug ourselves into a hole not only with our losses but mentally after winning three game following by losing four games in a row.

I followed by asking, “As a senior guard for Tigers what type of changes will the tigers need to make to end the losing streak?” Kiana said, “We need to put together a full forty minutes of basketball; we usually have a strong start but once we get tired we stop playing our game and make bad decisions with the ball.”

I said to Kiana, “There are two games left before winter break. How do you see the Tigers competitively against WAU (6-5) and MACU (3-4)?” She responded by saying, “For Washington Adventist we have to come out playing hard and our game which is smart basketball no matter their record. For MACU we can’t come out underestimating the opponent again no matter their record.”

Lastly, I had to ask the senior about the Tigers stats these last few games when I asked her did she have any comment on it she said, “It’s been hard with a lot of injuries and a short bench but I mostly think people are mentally checked out after losing and finals week is hunting us. So, there are many factors.”

We appreciate the inside scoop from the Senior Guard, Kiana Graves and hope that the Tigers win their two final games before the winter break. Good luck to the Tigers as finals week is approaching.

The Tiger will face Washington Adventist University on the Shock’s home court Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 7 PM.

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Player Highlight: King #24

Junior, Alyssa King

Junior, Alyssa King

Name: Alyssa King

Year: Junior

Major: Occupational Therapy/ Human Relations

Something other than your sport you’re passionate about: Dance

Favorite professional sports team: Lakers

Ice bath or hot tub: Hot Tub

Apple or HP: Apple

Favorite movie genre: Horror

Something the Trinity Community doesn’t know about you: I won Prom Queen

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Trinity Soccer: The Results Are In!

Senior, Gabriela Escobar

Senior, Gabriela Escobar

Yesterday, November 14, 2017, the Association of Division III Independents released the names of 2017 All-Independent Women’s Soccer Teams and the Trinity Tigers made the list. First Team included Forward, Angely Mercado and Defender, Gabriela Escobar. Second Team included Midfielder, Jessica Alonso and Defender, Brenda Alonso. Tigers Forward, Angely Mercado also earned DIII Independents Offensive Player of the Year. Mercado led AD3I with 22 goals and 49 points in just nine games this season. She has been ranked in the top two nationally for goals per game and points per game throughout the season.The Tigers recorded a .500 season up from their 2016 season of .438. Coach Amy Olson is tasked with replacing 5 seniors for next seasons to fill and add to her developing team.

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A Fresh Start for Trinity Basketball

Trinity huddle during timeout.

Tigers huddle during timeout.

The Trinity Tigers start their season off with a win in an exhibition game against the College of Southern MD. Last season the Tigers struggled winning only 5 of their 19 games. With the Tigers facing many of the same teams this season they plan to seek redemption.

Trinity basketball coaching staff had many difficult decisions to make regarding the game plan going into the scrimmage with #12 for the College of Southern MD scoring 41 points earlier that week and the Tigers only having four returning players to start the new season.

The Tigers proved to have the winning strategy playing an aggressive defense protecting the three-point line and outrebounding the Hawks defensively. On the offensive end Senior, Kiana Graves had a double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds as well as Senior, Zuri Wells with 19 points and 11 rebounds. Freshman, Londyn Wooten also contributed a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds. The final score for the game was 62-59.

The Tigers travel to their first away game against Central Penn on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 8:00PM in PA. Meet us back at home for our home-opener against PSU Mont Alto on Friday, November 17, 2017 at 7:00PM. Pregame festivities for the home-opener will start at 5PM outside of the Trinity Center.  Follow Trinity Athletics on Twitter @TrinityDCTigers for game footage, photos, and updates.

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Player Highlights

Najiyah VonHendricks

Najiyah VonHendricks

 Najiyah VonHendricks | Volleyball | Biology | Sophomore

Favorite musical artist: Lor Scoota

City or country? City

Favorite Quote: I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.

Lucky number: 4

Career Path: Doctor


Bruna Distinto

Bruna Distinto



Bruna Distinto | Soccer | Volleyball | International Relations/Sociology | Senior

Favorite color: Royal Blue

Water or Gatorade: Water

Countries visited: Bolivia, Brazil and US

Superstitions you believe: None

Where do you see yourself in five years? Working for United We Dream


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Trinity Tigers Defeated in Rematch against Washington Adventist University

JoyTrinity volleyball struggles to pick up their first win but play a competitive game against rival Washington Adventist University (Shock) Thursday, October 6, 2017. The player additions to the Shock proved to be useful in helping the Shock end the match in three straight sets (25-14, 25-16, 25-16).

However, Jr, Kenna Brooks opened up her game in the rivalry with 7 kills, 8.5 points, 2 digs and 1 block followed by Jr, Naysha Carrasquillo with 3 kills, 7 points, 3 aces and 1 block. Setter, Tatianna Marroquin helped the team stay within reach of the Shock with 8 assists, 9 digs and 1 kill.

The Tigers fought hard and have one more chance at redemption against the Shock on October 17, 2017 at 7 PM on the Shock’s home court.


Trinity volleyball will continue their season with their next home match against Virginia Union University on Thursday October 12, 2017 at 7 PM.

Follow Trinity Athletics on Twitter @TrinityDCTigers for game footage, photos, and updates.

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Player of the Week: September 23 – October 1

Forward, Angely Mercado

Forward, Angely Mercado


Player of the Week for September 23 – October 1 is Tigers forward, Angely Mercado. Mercado is from Takoma Park, MD right outside of the DC area. She studies nursing and dominates in soccer.


v PSU Hazleton G:5 A:2

v Christendom College G:2 *scored winning OT goal

v Hollins University G:4


Shelby Swann: “Tell me about your soccer career leading up to starting at Trinity?”

Angely Mercado: “I started out as a goalie in about the 3rd or 4th grade playing for the Takoma Park club team. I also for the College Park club team growing up. I played varsity all four years for Parkdale High School in Riverdale, MD which led to me getting a scholarship to play for the College of Southern Maryland where I played my freshman season.”

Shelby Swann: “So you are a sophomore on the field?”

Angely Mercado: “Yes, only two years of eligibility after this season.”

Shelby Swann: “Interesting. This week you are Trinity’s Player of the Week as well as D3 Independents Player of the Week for your outstanding performances in the past three games. What lead to these team victories and personal career accomplishments this week?”

Angely Mercado: “Teamwork! Without the team I wouldn’t be able to have the stats I have now.”

Shelby Swann: “You scored 6 goals in 1 game to earn your first D3 Independents Player of the Week and this week you scored 11 goals in 3 games to earn the same award. How do you manage to dominate in each game the way you do?”

Angely Mercado: “I just do my part for the team that’s how I’m able to perform. Of course, I practice every day and you know the skills come with the effort and practice. [Laughter]”

Shelby Swann: “When you aren’t passing three defenders and scoring on the opposing team’s goalie unassisted, you receive assists from your center-mid’s Jessica Alonso and Raissa Audrey Tseumie. How do they elevate your scoring game?”

Angely Mercado: “Perfect passes to my chest or feet! No matter where I am on the field they can get me the ball with their great skills. This is how we perform as a team.”

Shelby Swann: “I’m not sure if you know but you are nationally ranked #1/198 players by NCAA D3 for goals per game and points per game. You are also ranked #1/27 in shots on goal per game and #17/176 in assists per game. How does this make you feel to be one of the best forwards in D3 soccer?”

Angely Mercado: “To be honest I didn’t even know I was ranked so it comes as a surprise. It feels good, it’s great, but mostly surprising.”

Shelby Swann: “Well, it is well deserved. Do you think being a good scorer helps you be a better passer or being a good passer helps you be a better scorer?”

Angely Mercado: “Being a good scorer helps me be a better passer. I like to help my teammates shoot, but if we need a goal, I will go score.”

Shelby Swann: “All this with a broken hand and a cast that you often have to protect when falling. It clearly doesn’t affect your game but when does the cast come off?”

Angely Mercado: “[Laughter] I go to our team doctor October 9th to get some x-rays and to check if I need to keep the cast longer.”

Shelby Swann: The fans want to know something interesting about you. Give us the scoop!

Angely Mercado: “Um I don’t think I’m that interesting but something people may not know is that my dad is from the Dominican Republic and my mom is from Guatemala.”

Shelby Swann: “Alright. Thank you for your time. Keep up the good work!”

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